We believe creativity is your last legal means to gain an unfair advantage from others


RAMP TOKYOは、Fallon Tokyoの創業者である久保田 充が再度原点に戻り、戦略プランニングとコアアイデア開発にフォーカスした集団として、Fallon Tokyoの創業時のメンバーである加藤一弘と植村啓一とともに立ち上げる会社です。
そしてRAMP TOKYOは、フロンティア インターナショナル社と統合型マーケティングコミュニケーションの設計、実施もおこなってまいります。

At RAMP TOKYO we believe it is getting even more critical for companies/brands to out-think the competition through creativity and planning in facing with the clutter traps from the rapid changes of the market and communication means. We will offer you ideas to gain an unfair advantage over your competition by simply focusing on planning and creative.

RAMP TOKYO is established by Mit Kubota, a founder and ex-COO of Fallon Tokyo, to get back to the origin of Fallon by focusing on strategic thinking and core idea development for “raising awareness, not budgets” together with the founding members of Fallon Tokyo, Kaz Kato and Keiichi Uemura. RAMP TOKYO is also partnering with Frontier International Inc., one of the major promotion & interactive communication companies in Japan, to plan and execute integrated marketing solutions.